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Tour Management is a fantastic and satisfying career that involves escorting groups of holidaymakers on tours all over the world on behalf of Tour Operators.

Sorting logistical arrangements, organising optional trips,  providing commentaries on  places of interest visited, writing reports and ensuring that customers have the best holiday possible – these are only some of the tasks a Tour Manager deals with during a tour.



Tour managers are employed by Tour Operators and work on a self employed basis.
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Make the world your office! 
A Tour Operator’s reputation is based on the quality of its Tour Managers. That is why Tour Operators expect their Tour Managers to possess the necessary skills to deal with any kind of situation.

The Tour Manager Training Academy provides a comprehensive Training Course to give you  the skills needed to become an excellent Tour Manager!

Wake up in Paris, tour around Versailles Palace, see London from the London Eye, have dinner in New York. Become a Leader! Use your knowledge and charisma to inspire and lead groups of holidaymakers around the globe! Earn a daily fee of up to 100 pounds/140 euros per day plus commissions and tips while having most of your expenses included when on tour. Network with people and grow as a person while researching and learning about cultures of the world.
Experience the satisfaction of a job well done at the end of the tour!

Tour Managers are the crucial interface between Tour Operators and their customers.

The Tour Manager Training Academy does an amazing job of preparing people for a career in Travel.  Nicoleta makes the course fun, exciting and rewarding.

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Become a Professional Tour Manager and Make the world your office!

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